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With over  100 years of journalistic excellence has a loyal following amounting to nearly 4 million visitors a month and growing. The global reach of UPI's reporting and news gathering resources provides readers with up-to-date news, comprehensive reports, briefs, and analyses with one click of the mouse. 

By providing news for the internet age while preserving the legacy of journalistic excellence and integrity associated with the UPI name we attract a diverse demographic, making the ideal place to advertise your website no matter who your target audience may be.

UPI offers flexible advertising plans to maximize exposure while working with marketing needs and specific budgets to provide you with a powerful online advertising solution. 

If you choose to advertise with us, you gain the ability to promote your brand across UPI's seven targeted newstrack topic channels, three in-depth news-specific report channels, photo galleries, and video channel.  These channels provide readers with access to articles and in depth briefs that readers specifically want to read and provide you, the advertiser, with an excellent advertising opportunity to reach your targeted audience.  Advertising with UPI gives you the power of a trusted news leader and provides an advantageous marketing opportunity for your web advertising needs. 

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