Spanish Desk Partners

UPI works with a variety of strategic partners to provide an array of content packages and delivery platforms suited for corporate, academic and publishing markets. In turn, UPI content also helps our partners grow their businesses. Below are just a few examples of the many places where you can find UPI content.

Television Nacional de Chile (TVN)

Television Nacional de Chile is the leading content producer and television broadcasting company in Chile. It is a state-owned company that has succeeded in self-financing its operations through advertising. For the past 20 years, TVN has built strong brand recognition producing content for television, winning several international awards.

TVN has been a leader in introducing new technologies to broadcasting infrastructure. Today, TVN has built a streamlined processing facility and is the only broadcaster in Chile to provide content internationally, distributed through its subsidiary, TVCHILE. TVN has also led the development of new content distribution channels such as internet and 3G cell phones

As of today, TVN is challenging the future by creating new content to better suit the demands of audiences. New formats include interaction with viewers as well as entertainment and gaming programs such as reality shows, singing contests, daily news and celebrity shows, among others. TVN produces 15 hours of local content daily, 365 days a year. TVN has 1000 employees.


La Tercera

La Tercera's online edition is a part of the editorial group, Journalistic Consortium of Chile Inc. (COPESA), which also includes morning newspapers of national coverage, La Tercera (printed edition), La Cuarta and La Hora (free circulation), in addition to the weekly magazine Qué Pasa and the radio station Radio Zero.La Tercera's online edition is an informative portal with 24-hour updates that utilize multimedia resources such as text, audio files and images. It also offers a series of free services that allow visitors to participate in surveys and inquire about current affairs.

Through the online edition, it is possible to access the complete history file of all published articles. This is complemented by an electronic version of La Tercera's daily edition, which is one of the most read morning newspapers in Chile.

La Nacion is the Web site of the media company La Nación, which also publishes the national morning newspaper La Nación and the official newspaper of Chile's laws and regulations.

Constantly updating, contains general information and pictures about national and international current events, including stories published by UPI. In addition, it contains articles, chronicles, and opinion columns that appear on a daily basis in the morning newspaper, La Nación.

La Nación is a Chilean state-owned media company. Its directory board is made up of representatives from different sectors of Chilean society.

Thomson Gale

Thomson Gale® serves the world's information and education needs through its vast and dynamic content pools, which are used by students and consumers in their libraries, schools and on the Internet. It is best known for the accuracy, breadth and convenience of its data, addressing all types of information needs -- from homework help to health questions to business profiles -- in a variety of formats -- books, Web-based solutions and microfilm.

Thomson Gale is a partner for UPI's English and Spanish content.

EBSCO Publishing

EBSCO Publishing is the world's most prolific aggregator of full text materials including magazines, journals, and other important sources of information.  Approximately 150 databases are made available via the company's online search and retrieval system, EBSCOhost.  EBSCO's database offerings are designed to meet the specific research needs of a variety of library-types worldwide, including academic, government, public, biomedical, school, corporate and other special libraries. 

EBSCO Publishing is a partner for UPI's English and Spanish content as well as UPI Newspictures.


LexisNexis works with UPI to provide customers access to critical global news. 

LexisNexis® is the global leader in comprehensive and authoritative legal, news and business information.  LexisNexis offers an extensive range of products and customized tools that address job-specific and organization-wide information needs, driving productivity and confident decision-making.

UPI's products, Perspectives, NewsTrack, LatAm News Service, Chilean News Service, and Arabia 2000, can be accessed through LexisNexis.  LexisNexis has been a UPI partner since 1980 and also includes an extensive archive of UPI content. 


Dialog, a pioneer in developing the technology behind electronic information retrieval, is the world leader in providing online-based information services to organizations seeking competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance and law.

The online services provided by Dialog — offered through the Dialog®, Dialog Profound®, Dialog DataStar™, NewsEdge and Intelligence Data brands — give users the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than 1.4 billion unique records, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to enterprise intranets.

Content available on Dialog includes UPI's Perspectives, NewsTrack, LatAm News Service, Chilean News Service, and Arabia 2000, as well as products from our content partners Space Daily and Country Briefings.

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center is the world's premier provider of copyright licensing and compliance solutions for the information content industry. A trusted intermediary between copyright holders and content users, the company manages the rights to millions of copyrighted works and facilitates the exchange of reuse rights and royalties through a wide range of licensing services. 

CCC represents more than 9,600 publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors and other creators, helping them increase their royalty income, automate their licensing processes, gain access to new markets and maximize the secondary use of their text-based copyrighted works. 

Through their licensing services, more than 10,000 corporations–including nearly all the Fortune 100–and thousands of academic intuitions can lawfully e-mail, reprint, republish, post to intranets and the Internet, photocopy and share via ILL, e-reserve, coursepacks and more much of the world's most sought-after content.