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UPI Newspictures cover today's most compelling newsmakers and offer you a window on the news from where it takes place, everywhere from the White House to the Red Carpet.

UPI photographers are located where major stories happen including Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, London, Israel and Baghdad.

As the world revolves around energy, UPI's Energy Resources desk is the crucial eye on both industry and geopolitical developments that ensure or prevent supply of energy to the world.
Every week the Energy Resources team delivers in-depth analysis and briefings on key countries and issues, including:

  • Iraq with senior editor Ben Lando
  • Venezuela and Nigeria by correspondent Carmen Gentile
  • Russia and the Caspian basin by noted energy expert John C.K. Daly
  • Climate Change, the restrictions to be put on fossil fuels and new developments of clean energy by correspondent Rosalie Westenskow. As well as Iran and the Middle East; China, India and the rest of Asia; and supply for the United States and Europe.

Each Monday Daniel Graeber gives readers an update on developments in the world of oil and natural gas pipelines. And every day, UPI Energy Watch provides a roundup of major movements in the sector and market.

Last but not least, Energy Resources is complimented by views from around the world in its op-ed column Outside View.