UPI Newspictures

Segments include Entertainment, Top News, International, Washington and Sports.

UPI Newspictures cover today's most compelling newsmakers and offer you a window on the news from where it takes place, everywhere from the White House to the Red Carpet.

UPI photographers are located where major stories happen including Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, London, Israel and Baghdad.

Areas of coverage include:

In addition to the 120 to 200 photographs produced daily, a subscription to UPI Newspictures includes a searchable online photo archive dating back to 1995.

UPI Newspictures are accessible via FTP, E-Mail or Web. Photographs include English captions and metadata, accessible through image software.

The UPI standard image is 3000 pixels (long side) at 300dpi, which will produce a 10x8 inch image document. The UPI base image is 2000 pixels at 300dpi. Both are HIGH quality J.PEG files produced in Photoshop.