UPI Security Industry

The Premium Security Industry articles and briefings combined give the most comprehensive coverage of the U.S. defense sector and its patterns of acquiring new government contracts, with ongoing reports on their ensuing progress found anywhere in mainstream American journalism. Most of the briefings - at least 80 percent - are not picked up or reported in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN Business News or Bloomberg news. They are far more detailed than anything Stratfor puts out and provide more detailed sustained coverage of U.S. defense contracts than Janes' publications.

Columns 4-5 days per week by Martin Sieff - In addition to the Ballistic Missile Defense columns, Sieff's specializations in the U.S. Defense Industry include:

  • Main Battle Tank procurement programs and upgrades: Uses and vulnerabilities of Main Battle Tanks in different kinds of modern war;
  • Structural problems of high tech decision-making and procurement in the U.S. satellite-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) program and in the U.S. military's Future Combat Systems programs;
  • Multi-part series examining the value, evolution, future use and procurement patterns for U.S. weapons systems such as Main Battle Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, Littoral Combat Ships, submarines - diesel-powered and nuclear -powered, multiple-launch rocket systems, anti-tank weapons, heavy artillery, tactical ground support aircraft, multiple launch rocket systems, air transport and air refueling aircraft;
  • Thompson Files - By Loren Thompson - Weekly column on major developments and trends in the U.S. defense industry and high tech military sectors.
  • Military Matters - By William S. Lind - Weekly column on trends in conflicts and security challenges to the United States with emphasis on the use and limitations of different kinds of weapons systems in different kinds of conflicts.

A RIM-7P NATO Sea Sparrow Missile launches from the USS Abraham Lincoln