UPI Reporte Latam
Spanish Desk

The UPI Reporte LatAm News Service presents a view from the region, focusing on Latin American affairs and the United States. Our correspondents in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and the United States are part of UPI's worldwide network of coverage.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Latest News - Focus on the major political, economic and social issues throughout the region. Also covers major news stories from around the world: The conflict in Iraq, the struggle for peace in the Middle East, and the most important events in Europe and Asia.
  • Business - Coverage of economic and financial topics such as regional trade agreements, stock market information, key regional industries, policies affecting business and the trends of the international markets.
  • Sports - Variety of sports coverage including soccer, tennis, basketball, Formula One, and the most exciting professional events.
  • Entertainment - View of the major stories in music, movies, television and theater.
  • Politics - Coverage of the figures and political newsmakers.
  • Quirks - Includes odd news and daily horoscopes
UPI Reporte Latam Headlines

UPI Reporte LatAm Headlines package contains single sentences of no more than 160 characters that are extracted from the stories of UPI's LatAm News Service, covering the same range of topics. The format is designed to meet the needs of digital display companies and television networks that have an interest in news crawls, technology providers looking for headlines for kiosks and touch screens, as well as wireless devices.